A.Write each instruction under its sign.

A. Unscramble the words to form questions.

B. Complete the sentences. use the verbs in the correct form.

C. Answers the following questions about yourself.

A. Read the sentences. Circle the direct object and underline the indirect object.

B. Use the following verbs to write complete sentences. Your sentences should have two objects whenever possible

A. Complete the conversation with the right form of the verbs.

2. Now write sentences about the gifts and the people.

A. Use the card below to make an appointment. Then fill in the missing information on the conversation.

B. Write two pieces of advice for each problem. Use should/shouldn't.

A. Sarah wasn't at school yesterday. Read her mother's letter to the principal and complete the conversation.

B. 1. Choose a day from your dairy on page 27 of your student's book and write a paragraph about it.

Sarah wasn't at school yesterday. Read her mother's letter to the principal and complete the conversation.

A. 1. Name six body parts.

2. Name five illnesses.

3. Write four adjectives to describe how you feel.

4. Name two medicines.

B. Imagine you are a doctor seeing a patient. Write the conversation between you and your patient.

C. Noura / Ali is not very healthy. What should she / he do to be healthier?

A. Match the situations 1-6 with instructions below.

B. Complete the questions with was, were or did then write short answers.

D. Use the given verbs to form sentences in the past tense with direct and indirect objects. Underline the direct object and circle the indirect object in each sentences.

E. Read the paragraph and fill in the correct form of the verb.

A. Write the comparative forms of these adjectives.

B. Look at the information in the table below. Write sentences, comparing the two cities, using comparative forms of the adjectives.

2. Complete the table with the adjectives and give their comparative forms.

Read the passage, then put in the correct adjective.

A. Complete the setnences. Use the words in the box. Use "as.....as" or "not as......as".

B. Make sentences, saying what you think the following. Use comparative sentences.

1. Use the information in the diagram in your student's book on page 45. Write a paragraph, comparing the city you chose to the city you live in.

A. Write the opposites of these adjectives.

اريد حل كتاب النشاط اللغة الانجليزية B

A. Complete the table with correct forms of comparatives and superlatives adjectives.

A. Write sentences, using the oppoisites of the given adjectivesi n their comparative or superlative forms.

B. Put the words in the correct order to form sentences or questions.

B. Write a paragraph about the mosque you chose. Use the information on page 55 in your student's book.

A. Use the words, given below, to make comparative setnences.

A. 1 Compelt ethe rules for this English language class, using a suitable modal.

B. Use the given words to form sentences.

A. Write the opposites of these adverbs.

C. Answer the following questions, using adverbs of manner.

D. 1. Use the information on page 65 of your student's book to write ap argrahp about what you should do to become a better student.

A. Give as many adverbs as you can to describe how ...